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The outdoor fountain at Osbourne House o


MBC Group is the ideal partner to help restore, preserve, maintain and develop heritage structures. We bring extensive expertise in restoration as well as specialist disaster response and remediation for heritage buildings. We also work with NFPs (Non-for-profits) within government funding envelopes to provide cost-effective and efficient environmental and engineering services.


Engineering Services

The MBC Group team has experience handling engineering specific projects in Heritage buildings that require great diligence, evaluations, and solutions to preserve original structures and assemblies for future generations. 

Cost Consulting services

Whether the Heritage structure has suffered a loss or require planned restoration, the MBC Group Team can assist to ensure all aspects of preservation and conservation are considered.

environmental services

MBC has the resources and relevant experience to navigate the unique environmental challenges heritage buildings can pose.

Architectural & Design

MBC Group has extensive experience in providing architectural & design services to the heritage sector. We have an established track record of providing a wide variety of qualified and compliant architectural & design services in a timely fashion.

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