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Environmental Services

Owners and managers of designated historical sites/buildings face distinct issues when it comes to managing heritage properties. Municipal bylaws and regulations vary greatly across jurisdictions. MBC has the resources and relevant experience to navigate these unique challenges.

Forensic Engineering

Hazardous Material Management

Our Environmental Consultants attend site after a loss to determine the presence of hazardous materials and create a scope of work to outline remediation requirements.

Mould AssesSmeNt/ Remediation

Our consultants investigate for the presence of mould, or conditions favorable for mould growth. Once sent for testing to identify the specific type of mould, we can verify the requirement for remediation.

Indoor Air Quality AssesSment

We conduct air testing in residences where there are health concerns to determine the negative impact of poor air quality in offices or buildings where staff or residents are complaining about the air. 

Emergency Response Services

Our team is quick to respond to identify the possible required testing and can provide a scope of work that outlines our findings and recommendations for removal of hazardous materials prior to any repair work being done.

preparation of project specIfications

For renovations and upgrades which involve the removal or demolition of possible asbestos-containing materials, testing is required. Our team can identify these materials and provide a scope of work outlining all findings and recommended project requirements.

Water/Smoke Damage AssesSments

Our consultants utilize their experience and specialized equipment to trace the extent of damage from water and smoke. Once assessment and any necessary testing is complete, we provide a scope of work outlining our findings and recommendations for next steps.

Regulatory Advisory Services

Our Environmental Consultants, equipped with an in-depth knowledge of these legislations, can facilitate the ongoing management of different facilities, ensuring all requirements are being met and that their workers are safe.

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