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Building Design

The combined efforts of our architects, engineers, and appraisers will generate both innovative designs and cost-effective solutions. Our team of specialists has extensive experience managing a large variety of major high-density developments.

Structural engineering and restoration

Seismic risk mitigation

National building code analysis for new builds and renovations

Design and detailing of the building envelope

Upgrades to existing structures to repair corrosion, delamination, and deficiencies or simply to meet current standards.

Building enclosures

Conceptual design and layouts through client consultation

Floor plans and construction documents

Stability, rigidity, and static load analysis for foundations and superstructure

Electrical and instrumentation engineering

Façade engineering

Interior design concepts and design development

On-site field reviews, deficiency analysis, and warranty review

Feasibility analysis for proposed builds, renovations, upgrades, or modifications


Our Projects

  • Design & Structural Engineering

  • Phase 1: 2 buildings

  • Phase 2: 2 buildings

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