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MBC Group is uniquely positioned to support government infrastructure and environmental projects and programs with cost-effective, innovative engineering solutions across multiple lines of business with an integrated service approach. Our R&D innovation has applications that align with government green objectives. Our service offerings range from disaster response and remediation to structural, design and construction oversight capacity.


Engineering Services

MBC Group's qualified team of experts enure they provide quality and cost-effective engineering services to the government sector. 

Cost Consulting services

With MBC's team of experts, clients enjoy a curated strategy focused on cost management. Our services are diverse and from estimating & cost planning, to project quantity surveying services.

EnvirONmental Services

MBC Group has a proven track record of providing environmental services to all levels of government and institutional facilities across Canada.

Architectural & Design

MBC Group has years of experience providing a multitude of quality and cost-effective design and reconstruction services to the insurance sector. 

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