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About Us

MBC Group Canada

We are a multi-disciplinary specialty engineering firm serving clients throughout Canada.


We have built an innovative consultancy on the strength of our over 150 specialists who strive to disrupt the industry by developing new standards through innovation and collaboration. Our team is expert in completing turnkey services in their fields which include sustainability, building design, civil and industrial engineering, building consulting, appraisal and project support as well as environmental and laboratory services.


With 7 locations across Canada and 10 more satellite offices, we are passionate about working with our clients to find solutions that meet the needs of our communities today and prepare for the needs of tomorrow.

Our History

MBC Group Canada: A Decade of Growth Through Ingenious Mergers & Acquisitions

Business environments teem with volatility and constant flux, making mergers and acquisitions a vital component for a company's expansion. Rising as an exemplar, MBC Group Canada has harnessed this strategic tool over the past decade, catapulting the firm to industry prominence.

Established over a quarter-century ago, MBC Group's inception was rooted in the goal of serving as a single, innovative solution provider to Canadian insurance firms, governments, and real estate organizations. Our distinct, all-encompassing engineering solutions enable our clients to simplify operations by streamlining their interactions with multiple firms.

Comprising over 150 top industry experts, MBC Group Canada stands tall as a trailblazer in multidisciplinary specialty engineering. As a testament to our commitment to sustainable growth, we've successfully broadened our market presence and operational capabilities over the past decade.

“Seven years ago, MBC Group was an ambitious vision budding in a modest Calgary basement, much like tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, which were birthed in garages. Today, we've spread our roots across Canada, operating out of seven bustling offices,” reflects Ross Huartt, CEO of MBC Group.

Having staked its claim in the mergers and acquisitions arena, MBC Group's strategic moves have fortified its market position. Through calculated acquisitions such as Walker Projects, DF Technical, Strudes, Claim Assist, and Siefken Engineering, we have amplified our service portfolio, reached untapped customer segments, and ventured into new markets. These strategic moves have propelled our growth while bringing onboard diverse expertise and talent.

Our journey started in 2018 with the acquisition of Claim Assist, a move that fortified our standing as a leading national consultancy, according to Insurance Business Magazine. This integration expanded our post-loss appraisal services in Canada. In the following year, we further solidified our industry standing by integrating DF Technical, an environmental consulting leader, enhancing our environmental services division.

The year 2020 heralded the merger with Siefken Engineering, a respected structural engineering firm in Vancouver. This move expanded our capabilities, particularly in forensic structural assessments for the insurance industry and large-scale structural design projects.


In 2021, we acquired Sure Hazmat to provide in-house lab services, reducing costs and wait times for forensic analysis. This acquisition, alongside Walker Projects - a leading Saskatchewan-based engineering consulting firm - expanded our offerings in project management, structural and civil engineering, building design, and forensic analysis for building failures.

Our most recent acquisition, Strudes Consulting Engineers in 2022, has allowed us to tap into Quebec's engineering market and further augment our engineering capabilities.

Each of these strategic integrations has boosted our ability to continue delivering groundbreaking solutions across diverse disciplines and markets.

“We remain committed to being an industry pacesetter, continually evolving to meet our clients' dynamic needs. We're excited about the future, a future ripe with innovation, breakthroughs, and growth. Here's a reminder to all dreamers, entrepreneurs, and believers: It's not about where you start, but where you're headed,” Huartt emphasizes.

With a strong foundation and industry acumen, MBC Group is well-equipped to carve new avenues, foster innovative collaborations, and navigate the dynamic business environment with assurance. We're eager to explore the exciting possibilities the future holds for MBC Group.

Our Values

Wind Turbines


MBC Group aspires to become a leader in driving solutions that move Canada forward in sustainability and innovation. In 2021, we launched our sustainability initiative, MBC EcoClaim®. By collaborating with insurance, construction, and restoration contractors, we have been able to see companies reduce the waste from construction and restoration going into landfills by up to 96%.


This is just the beginning. By teaming up with companies across Canada in our shared vision for a greener future, we are learning together and making waves in the industry to change environmental standards. With community, Canadian economy, and sustainability at the heart of our operation, we consistently integrate creative initiatives in the broader industries we serve.

Lettuce-Farming Robots

By thinking on behalf of our clients and the industries we serve, we are paving the way for new standards and ways of thinking. We launched our Research and Development division which saw the opening of our first in-house laboratory as its first initiative. With the lab already a success, we are exploring the automation of certain tasks within restoration projects.


With the goal of providing innovation and insight beyond the microscope, we aim to reduce project timelines and give consultants and contractors the freedom to focus on comprehensive analysis and streamlined outcomes.

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our staff members is of utmost importance, and we believe it is something that happens outside of the manuals and documents. By providing staff with a safe workplace, training about legislated rights and responsibilities, and the tools for self advocacy, we drive a constant evolution of our safety processes, resources, and programs.


We strive to instill strong values in our staff members which fosters a culture of safety in the workplace.

Safety Wear
Indigenous Relations

As a company, we are committed to honouring Indigenous rights and culture. We foster respectful relationships with Indigenous individuals, communities, organizations, and businesses. We understand it is our responsibility to ensure we educate ourselves and evolve as a business and as people.

Respect and education is an important foundational pillar that we encourage and instill in our staff members with a variety of approaches.

All Hands In


"Our clients have come to trust the MBC brand to deliver quality services. From our humble beginnings as an insurance valuation firm to our 21-year transformation into the multidisciplinary engineering firm we are today, we have always strived for the same thing: to provide creative solutions that foster better outcomes and enhance project consistency, value, and success.


With strong resources, motivated experts, and through collaborations with companies across the nation, we are utilizing our position in the Canadian market to leverage innovative solutions for the climate crisis and to build a better, more sustainable future for Canada."

Ross Huartt, MRICS, PQS, GSC ​

President and CEO

Leadership Team

Senior Management



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