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Nonprofit Organizations

MBC Group proudly works with Non-Profits as well as NFPs (Non-for-profits). Keeping budget and your community at the forefront of our minds allow us to provide cost-effective and efficient services

Our services for Nonprofit Organizations

Building Design - MBC Group
Building Design

The combined efforts of our architects, engineers, and appraisers will generate both innovative designs and cost-effective solutions. Our team of specialists has extensive experience managing a large variety of major high-density developments.

Civil Engineering - MBC Group
Civil Engineering

Equipped with a strong knowledge of bylaws, code, and standards, our engineers deliver comprehensive civil engineering services, planning, and upgrades. MBC Group provides its engineering services from the planning stages of a project through to completion, and everything between.

Industrial Engineering - MBC Group
Industrial Engineering

MBC Group offers advanced industrial design solutions which facilitate a complex design that is best-in-class and showcases knowledge, insight, and specific skill sets as per the standardized and legislated codes and bylaws.

Building Consulting & Project Advisory - MBC Group
Building Consulting & Project Advisory

As a licensed Professional Quantity Surveying firm with the CIQS, MBC is professionally recognized as experts in the areas of blueprint interpretation, construction, construction costs, contract law, standard protocols, and administrative responsibility over the entire life cycle of a project.

MBC Group is there to help.

Contact us today to get more information on how we can help you today.

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Environmental Services

MBC Group’s qualified Environmental team apply their vast experience and expertise to ensure safety and compliance with all applicable guidelines, standards, and legislations. Our Lab Technicians and analysts are highly trained in analysis techniques and standards to deliver accurate analysis.

Laboratory Services

Our lab staff are highly skilled and trained within laboratory analysis with a focus on standards and controls that meet forensic requirements. Their skill set covers several targeted areas of forensic and industrial consultation. Our services include evidence recovery, identification, and comparison across a wide range of materials.

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