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Meet Vishal Miskin

Vishal Miskin, a Structural Engineer in Training, recently joined MBC Group earlier this year. Vishal has been able to put his skills to good use as part of the team in British Columbia, contributing fresh ideas and solutions to multi-disciplinary problems. Vishal’s favourite aspect of his job is being able to work in a complex and constantly changing environment with teammates that come from a wide array of engineering backgrounds.

Working at MBC Group as a recent UBC graduate student allowed him to learn more about the various aspects of engineering through interactions with his peers and others he meets on-site. Vishal is looking forward to gaining more hands-on experience, honing his skills, and putting all the principles he’s learned in school into practice as he pursues his goal of becoming a certified structural engineer. Working on Architectural, Engineering, and Construction projects that involves structural, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering present an exciting challenge, which Vishal is always willing to tackle head-on!

Mr. Miskin’s responsibilities at MBC Group include structural design, project coordination, business management, and collaborating with subject matter experts to develop new solutions to complex issues. He’s learned a lot from his experiences, and his advice to any new engineers is:

“Don’t stick to one discipline. As engineers, we should be focusing on developing ideas and techniques on a regular basis. Learning is a never-ending process, the more you participate, the broader your knowledge base will become."

As a result of the increasing importance of innovation across all fields, it is necessary to keep up with other engineering disciplines. If new material is discovered that will greatly benefit various aspects of a construction or remediation project in one field, there’s a good chance it will be useful in another. Keeping on top of trends in a variety of fields can provide a competitive advantage, which is why Vishal is grateful to be able to work and engage with different professionals across our various offices and lines of business.

When Vishal is not busy working with the MBC Group team, he is quick to travel and enjoys exploring the world around him. When travel restrictions began to lift, Vishal wasted no time visiting Banff thrice in the span of a few months. Vishal is passionate to travel and explore with friends and he is usually ready to go on a trek in the vast outdoors. He is fanatical about meeting new people, discovering new localities, and looking at the world in a diverse perspective. It’s not the destination, it’s about the journey with the people that makes it exceptional. He marks the importance of subtle details, and he believes perfection can be accomplished through fineness.

He stresses on appreciating the beauty of Canada’s natural environment. Having moved to Vancouver from Qatar a few years ago, Vishal finds a peace of mind in the voyaging mountains, rafting lakes and contemplating with himself. With the country well on its way to reopening, he is excited to get out more and explore further into Canada, perhaps even taking a cross-country trip to visit each province. We’re excited to have you on the team Vishal and look forward to seeing what you accomplish here at MBC Group!

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