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Driving Engineering Solutions for the Insurance Sector: Paige Foster's Expertise at MBC

MBC Group is delighted to welcome Paige Foster, Structural E.I.T. as the newest member of our respected team of experts. With Paige's arrival, we're ushering in a new era of insurance-driven engineering excellence. Based in Nanaimo, B.C., Paige brings a down-to-earth approach and a wealth of knowledge to the dynamic world of structural engineering.

With over 12 years of hands-on experience, Paige has become a strategic problem-solver, specializing in residential, multi-family, and commercial projects. One of her key strengths lies in her ability to tackle complex challenges with precision and expertise. Whether she's assessing structural damage from fallen trees or vehicle collisions, her meticulous attention to detail ensures precise recommendations for remediation or replacement. And when it comes to navigating insurance claims, Paige's dedication to seamless project progression shines through as she fosters strong relationships with adjusters, restoration companies, and municipal stakeholders.

Paige's responsiveness is another appreciated characteristic of her service. With inspection requests promptly addressed and structural reports delivered in a timely manner, she's committed to delivering high-quality results on time, every time.

Her portfolio speaks volumes about her expertise. From assessing structural damage after fires to evaluating impact damage from various incidents, her diverse array of projects highlights her versatility and proficiency. And as a skilled project manager, Paige oversees each project from inception to completion with a focus on quality control and client satisfaction.

As Paige continues to expand her expertise in structural engineering, her constant dedication to providing the best service to her clients remains a top priority. With a track record of delivering innovative solutions and a client-centric approach, Paige Foster exemplifies the highest standards of performance in the field of structural engineering at MBC.

Connect with Paige and her team today:

About MBC Group:

MBC Group, your trusted industry leader, offering comprehensive appraisals, forensics, civil/structural engineering, and environmental services. As a multi-disciplinary Canadian firm with a diverse team of 150+ professionals, we are driven by a singular mission: to serve our clients by providing high-value, responsive solutions. With over a decade of experience, we provide customer-focused services to the insurance, financial, legal, construction, and public sectors.

About Paige Foster:

Paige isn't just your average structural engineer; she's a leading figure with a heart as strong as the structures she inspects. Her journey as a structural engineer is a testament to her commitment to excellence and deep-rooted connection to the community she serves. Her expertise in residential, multi-family, and commercial projects, coupled with her dedication to meticulous project management and code compliance, sets her apart in the industry. In the middle of her engineering career, while she was raising her family, Paige's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Nanaimo's beloved Jumping Jiminy's Playground and Cafe, where she honed her skills in business management and customer service. Now, Paige brings her passion for her hometown and her unwavering commitment to safety to every project she undertakes, making a lasting impact on the built environment of Vancouver Island.

Thank you for exploring our suite of insurance-focused solutions. If you need further assistance or information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to solve problems!


Melissa Elsliger, Sales and Marketing Lead, BCom, MA-IIC

“Engineering, words from the heart”



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