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MBC Education Tour - November 2021

This month, our top experts are offering education courses specifically tailored to insurance professionals. We are presenting free courses to offices or groups of professionals across the nation, with the goal of spreading awareness about topics we are passionate about, and that will better inform decisions made on claims.

If you have a group of coworkers or fellow professionals who might be interested, or if you’re a manager who wants to provide your workers with some engaging and beneficial education, we’d love to hear from you!

Read on for information about the course content, and email with any questions or to sign up! Let us know where you are in the country, what course(s) you’re interested in, and how many people would be attending.

If you'd like to know whether the courses qualify for continuing education credits in your province, please include this in your email and we will provide the details.

**If you’re an individual interested in taking a course, let us know and we can see if you can be added to an existing session!

Courses offered this month:

Building Envelope Failure

Code Upgrades

Cost Management of Property Claims

Sustainability within Insurance Restoration

Building Envelope Failure - Course Overview

This course teaches individuals who own, manage, or represent properties about building envelopes. Specifically, what they are, why they are important, and why they can fail. A Building Envelope is critical; it keeps occupants of a building safe from outside elements.

What you’ll learn

• What materials are used for areas of a building envelope, as well as what is looked at during a building envelope inspection.

• What happens if a building envelope fails,

• what additional expenses can be incurred as a result of a building envelope failure

• How to prevent building envelope failure

Continuing Education Credits

2 hours*

*email for details

Code Upgrades - Course Overview

Whenever an inspection or evaluation of a property is in order, particularly in older dwellings, code compliance and upgrades should be considered to ensure the property is adhering to all current legislative requirements.

What you’ll learn

• Where the codes come from and their purposes for building integrity and the safety and the health of the occupants.

• How risks are managed through code compliance

• Two primary parts of the code that properties address (Part 9: Residential and Part 3: Commercial) as well as their occupancy groupings.

Continuing Education Credits

2 hours*

*email for details

Cost Management of Property Claims - Course Overview

Cost Management is an increasingly important factor of concern when dealing with property losses. Whether large or small, the fundamental importance of properly indemnifying an insured comes with many unique challenges that can often be overlooked.

What you’ll learn

• Elements of establishing an accurate ACV and RCV.

• Key factors often overlooked when managing a claim’s costs

• Benefits of CCDC contracts

• Research methods on current pricing

• Building code compliances

Continuing Education Credits

2 hours*

*email for details

Sustainability within Insurance Restoration - Course Overview

With the changing climate and sustainability trends, it is crucial to know how your company fits into climate-positive and sustainable actions within your industry. This course presents an overview of the global perspective of climate change and how that affects pre- and post-loss services.

What you’ll learn

• The context of sustainability from an insurance restoration perspective.

• The relevance and importance of sustainable practices.

• What companies are doing to show how positively sustainable practices can impact business and collaboration with the government.

Continuing Education Credits

2 hours*

*email for details

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