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BC on Alert: MBC Group Urges Readiness for Earthquakes

In the aftermath of recent seismic events in Japan, Seismologists are emphasizing the importance of preparedness for potential seismic activity in British Columbia (BC) in a recent news release[1]. British Columbia, Canada's hub of seismic activity, has experienced a considerable history of earthquakes. According to a CBC News report, half of the country's top 10 earthquakes have occurred in this province[2].


While the Japan earthquake may not have directly impacted BC, the province shares similar vulnerabilities. MBC Group’s engineering team cautions that a quake could strike at any time and highlights the importance of preparedness. The MBC team

offers five essential tips for residents to safeguard themselves and their communities.


Create an Emergency Kit:

Prepare a well-stocked emergency kit of essentials such as food, water, first aid supplies, and other necessities. Ensure the kit is easily accessible and that all household members are familiar with its location.


Secure Your Home:

Conduct a thorough assessment of your home's structural integrity and secure heavy objects, including bookcases, televisions, and other items prone to falling during an earthquake. Consider installing latches on cabinets to add an extra layer of safety.


Develop an Emergency Plan:

Collaborate with your family to create a comprehensive emergency plan. This plan should include designated meeting places and a communication strategy. Ensuring that every family member understands their role during an earthquake is crucial.


Stay Informed:

Stay abreast of potential seismic activity by monitoring local news and weather reports. Consider signing up for emergency alerts from local government authorities to receive timely information and instructions.


Practice Earthquake Drills:

Regularly conduct earthquake drills with your family to reinforce safety procedures. Practicing these drills enhances preparedness, ensuring everyone knows how to respond effectively in the event of an earthquake.


By proactively embracing these measures, BC residents and beyond can stay prepared and stay safe.

If you'd like a seismic assessment of your building- please reach out to the team directly at




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