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MBC Group Welcomes Lance Pizzariello as Director of EcoClaim

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

MBC Group is proud to announce the appointment of Lance Pizzariello to the team as Director of EcoClaim Services. This certification program, implemented in 2021 is a collaboration of insurance, construction, and restoration companies, and has so far resulted in more than 22 tonnes of waste diverted from landfills.

Mr. Pizzariello is a Certified Sustainability Practitioner and holds an MSc with an emphasis on Sustainability, Contaminated Site Assessment, Remediation, and Program Design & Implementation from Royal Roads University. He says, “MBC Group has already made a name for themselves with this initiative and I’m incredibly honoured to work alongside them to continue the focus they’ve placed on innovation and sustainability.”

Lance developed and implemented his first Sustainability Management Program for a commercial business client in Central America in 2020 and over the last 23 years has completed a broad range of environmental health and safety assessments, environmental site assessments, and has developed and implemented environmental health and safety programs for industrial, commercial, and institutional sites at locations and sites throughout Canada and the USA.

His passion for the environment is a welcome addition to the team and with this appointment, Vice-President of Operations, Manuel Martineau states “With his background and passion for sustainability Lance is an asset to our rapidly growing team. With his experience and vision, MBC Group continues our commitment to sustainability and a focus on the EcoClaim program.”

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