MBC Groups mission is to provide objective analysis, and precise reporting, to assist our clients in making informed decisions. MBC Group is a leading national post-loss appraisal and construction consulting firm.


As industry leaders, we deliver environmental solutions to corporations, government entities, insurance agencies, developers, construction professionals, legal professionals, and both public and private owners.


MBC Group’ experts have serviced our clients for over 20 years; Providing Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering Consulting. Our team provides whole project design, BIM, forensic and client services. Our Value Engineering team are experts and finding the right solutions for any project.

MBC Group specializes in Property Appraisal, Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Environmental Services & Cyber Security.

Rooted in our property damage assessment expertise, our expanding suite of services encompasses all phases of the construction lifecycle. We assist our clients in everything from pre-planning to project management and dispute settlement.

Our team works with clients on a vast range of projects, delivering solutions to organizations in the construction, insurance, legal, and contract surety industries.

It’s all about TRUST

Our clients trust us to provide them with unbiased analysis, accurate analysis, and precise reporting so that they can make informed decisions.

How we think

As thinkers and doers we are both practical and inventive, resourceful and passionate.

How we solve

By going above and beyond to provide exceptional building performance proficiencies.

How we deliver

With a relentless focus on finding the right solution to every problem, every time.

Experience and Professionalism

Our extensive knowledge of the construction industry, use of advanced technology, and reputation for consistently fast turn-around times have made us one of the most trusted companies in the property appraisal and construction consulting industry.

Construction Expertise

At MBC Group, we understand sound legal advice is essential to your business.

Fast and Accurate

Quantifying and valuing the personal property losses quickly and with accuracy reduces the risk of disputes and minimizes costs.




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