Xactimate Training

Exclusive Xactimate Training Provider to the Insurance Institute of Canada

MBC provides Xactimate training led by Geoffrey Gonneau, the exclusive Xactimate Trainer for the Insurance Institute of Canada. The typical in-class training is a 2.5-day program that prepares you to effectively use the Xactimate program and improve your efficiency. Our experienced contents appraisers will provide reporting that uses Like, Kind, and Quality matching to ensure the settlement is defensible. Whether it's a single-family claim that requires documentation and evaluation of personal property or a commercial customer claim that requires full inventory recreation, you can count on Bourret.

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If you are a new or intermediate Xactimate user, this course is for you. This program introduces the best practices and techniques to guide you through the creation of simple estimates as well as help you effectively set up, sketch and create professional estimates.
Our typical in-class training program teaches you about the four-step process in the creation of small and medium property loss estimates, including, water, wind, hail and fire. We also discuss:
  • Floor plan creation
  • Entering Claim Information
  • Setting Claim Parameters
  • Basic Sketching (leading to advanced techniques)
  • How to add annotations and images (to provide additional clarity and detail)
  • Wall construction
  • Navigating Xactimate
  • Completing and printing estimates and supporting reports
  • The Labour Cost Model (including Labour Minimums)
  • The Xactimate Pricing Process


Insurance Brokers and Adjusters interested in Xactimate training should visit the Insurance Institute of Canada website.



Would you like the MBC Group to facilitate private Xactimate training (not for Insurance Brokers or Adjusters)?

Private Xactimate Training

Please Note: If you are an Insurance Adjuster or Broker, or employ them, please contact the Insurance Institute of Canada directly regarding Xactimate training.