The MBC Group (MBC) is one of the oldest providers of property valuation services in Canada, noted for its long-lasting expertise and substantial range of contracted projects.

Our Valuation Process

The MBC Group process starts with a full site inspection to identify construction practices, materials used, mechanical systems, as well as adherence to building code and by-laws. After the site inspection, MBC’s experienced senior appraisers prepare a comprehensive report that outlines the Replacement Cost Value (RCV), or Total Insurable Value (TIV), and identifies any issues that should be addressed by the property owner.

Local in Person

Our team understands the nuances of different industries, structure types, and location. They accurately account for 3rd party restoration and reconstruction fees such as engineering, architectural, administration and other specialty services as well as inflation, material and labour costs. The MBC team doesn’t rely on third-party software, that often uses national material and labour cost averages, or standard industry formulas.

MBC recommends annual reviews to be sure the property maintains appropriate insurance coverage. Annual reviews also include a full-site inspection to identify improvements made to the property as well as any issues with wear and tear or maintenance. Additionally, the annual reviews consider changes to relevant code and by-laws that could impact the property owner if there is a claim.

The amazing MBC GROUP Team!

The national major project team hold advanced designations including Quantity Surveying, Engineering, PQS, MRICS, GSC, CIOB, and more.

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