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Meet Jeff Wright

Updated: Jun 29, 2021


Jeff Wright, Senior Environmental Consultant, joined MBC Group during the acquisition of DF Technical in 2019. With a degree in computer sciences, he began his career at DF Technical doing IT work when Dennis French started the business over 20 years ago. Back then, the team was small, but business started to rapidly expand. Jeff was approached and asked if he had any interest in becoming an Environmental Consultant. Eager as he is, and always ready to try something new, Jeff agreed, and he has never looked back!

Jeff really enjoys his job because it is ever changing and he gets to see and do new things at each turn. Every assignment presents a new challenge and is never the same as the last. This job is about thinking on your feet and knowing what to do, where to do it, and why you are doing it. It is a highly specialized field which requires a lot of training and you need to be dedicated to learning and being receptive throughout training and educational processes. The industry is evolving, the regulations and guidelines are constantly being updated, and it is your job to know the ins and outs to keep everyone on the worksite safe.

As an instructor of MBC Group’s Hazardous Materials Awareness courses and the OHS Asbestos Worker Certification course, Jeff gets to exercise his passion for education and share his experience, specifically teaching people who may come in contact with hazardous materials such as asbestos, mould, radon, and lead, among others. Most recently, Jeff became a certified Radon Measurement Professional through the C-NRPP and launched the company’s Radon Awareness course.

Our education courses are a service that we provide to be able to spread awareness across all industries, If parties involved on a worksite are not aware of all the potential air quality issues and hazards, not only could it compromise the safety of those on that site, but it may also turn into a greater issue down the line, potentially resulting in legal action

Being aware and prepared is our responsibility and it can help us avoid, as well as prevent any unanticipated dangers.

In the air quality industry, Jeff has witnessed a lot of change and evolution, something any Environmental Consultant can say who has been in the position for an extended amount of time. But as with anything, there is always room for growth. The most important aspect, in Jeff’s opinion, is the awareness; people just don’t know, they pull stuff out on site or in their home, unaware of the implications or the risks they may pose. Awareness can be facilitated online now; we live in an increasingly virtual world and Jeff would love to see and contribute to an increased culture of awareness.

When Jeff isn’t educating or investigating hazardous materials, he is trying new things. From working with his hands, building a deck and flowerbeds in his yard, to most recently picking up a compound bow for target shooting, there is not much Jeff won’t try. He prides himself on being easy-going and enjoying all that life has to offer, accompanied by his daughter and his wife. This passion for life extends to his job, where Jeff is always getting the most out of his position. We’re excited to see what you continue to accomplish and contribute to the broader industry, Jeff!

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