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MBC Group Evolves its Leadership through Multiple Employee Promotions

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Western Canada, May 12, 2021 – MBC Group is seeing some exciting structural changes this month. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Campagna, CD, CPHR, RPR, SHRM-SCP as our Manager of Human Resources, based in our Calgary office. Mr. Campagna has over 20 years of progressive experience in the Canadian Forces and commercial industries, where he has served in various roles such as the Head of a Human Resources Department, Human Resources Officer, and a trusted advisor.

Mr. Campagna will work alongside members of MBC Group’s Executive Team to implement comprehensive human capital strategies that will help achieve organizational goals, increase employee engagement and retention scores, and enhance the overall employee experience. He will be responsible to plan company-wide strategies to address structural challenges, enhance working conditions, and increase organizational capabilities while maximizing brand recognition. Tim is excited to join such a fast-paced and rising business, where he will contribute to the creation and implementation of cross-regional corporate strategies to increase and promote effective growth, as well as the recruitment of top talent.

Another exciting new advancement in Calgary is the promotion of Senior Alberta Manager, Kristjan Kristjansson to Regional Manager of Alberta and British Columbia. Kristjan has shown great initiative with the Alberta Cost Consulting team, inciting growth and evolution among its members, and there is no doubt that he will demonstrate the same leadership and have a positive impact on BC’s growing team. Kristjan places a high value on trusting his team members to provide the high-quality services that our clients have come to expect, and he encourages them to think outside the box to bring innovative project solutions to the table, resulting in a better overall outcome for each project assigned to MBC Group.

Moving over to our BC Environmental team, Senior Director Christian Injates has been promoted to Vice President of Environmental Services. Over the past year, Christian has shown great ambition during the exponential growth of our BC Environmental team, facilitating the Sure Hazmat acquisition and assisting our Chief Scientist and Director of Research and Development, Dr. Robin Abel, with the impending launch of MBC Group’s laboratory initiative in Edmonton, Alberta. Christian shows a consistent acumen for handling the challenges that come with business growth while remaining a strong leader to the Environmental team.

“We want to continue to build a diverse team and collaborate with people who are enthusiastic, innovative and have a great learning attitude. We are passionate about recognising talented leaders within the company and giving them the opportunity to be more involved in the growth of MBC Group. It’s also fantastic to have someone like Tim on board who shares our corporate values, is resourceful, proficient, and who possesses talent, enthusiasm and ideas which will be invaluable to MBC Group as it continues to grow. It’s an exciting time for our company, and I look forward to witnessing these three impressive individuals thrive.”

-MBC Group President, Ross Huartt

About MBC Group

MBC Group has been operating for over 20 years, serving clients from coast to coast. We are one of Canada’s leading multi-disciplinary Engineering Consulting Firm specializing in Structural and Forensic Engineering, Architecture and Design, Environmental Consulting, Major Projects, Appraisal and Quantity Surveying and Research and Development. We also offer forensic laboratory services and a wider range of forensic consulting services. Our mission is to provide a third-party independent analysis and streamlined reporting to assist our clients in making cost-effective solutions.

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