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Meet Ricky Cormier


Ricky Cormier started with MBC Group in January of 2021 and represents the company in the Atlantic Region as Senior Project Manager – Major Projects. Ricky is a post-loss appraiser, attending site to perform damage assessments and provide an appraisal and scope of work. Depending on the project, this can also involve assisting with the bid documents and process, selecting contractors, and reviewing the bid results to put together a recommendation package.

Ricky got his start in construction and then moved into project management and contract administration for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. His past expertise has easily translated to his current role. He enjoyed the change from the day-to-day grind of construction to his consulting role, which involves more inspection and reporting, where he gets to use his past knowledge for an expert assessment. He revels in the whole process, which he refers to as entering into “claim mode” – from talking to the adjuster for permission to meet and talk to the insured, through to completing the assessment and reporting. Ricky savors the process of mentally taking things apart and putting the pieces back together after a loss and appreciates the variety when going to older homes where they were built differently. It presents different challenges, and the complexity of the different claims keeps the job exciting.

For Ricky, client satisfaction is a priority. He stands by his ethics to make sure clients feel confident in calling him back for future assignments. A project comes full circle when the insured, the adjuster, and the contractor are all happy – that’s when you know you’ve done the job right. Ricky tries to get there by being honest and managing expectations. When there are different parties involved, everyone has different expectations, so he communicates and is realistic about the timelines with them. Meeting that expectation is where the client satisfaction and trust comes.

“What’s great about working for MBC Group is the team. It’s all about teamwork, and no matter when you call, you always know you can count on your teammates to answer the phone. It is very supportive and a great atmosphere to be a part of.” - Ricky

As a proud father, he prioritizes being there for his 5-year-old daughter and his family, including his dog Sam, who after taking his human for a walk, can be found sleeping on Ricky’s feet under his desk while he works on his reports. He loves putting his daughter in different activities to allow her the opportunity to find what she loves, whether that will be art or checkers or ringette, he wants to be there for her and watch her flourish in what she is passionate about. Ricky loves being a dad. From the goofy moments at dinner time, to the bedtime and morning cuddles. That affection sets a tone of positivity for his day and the half-asleep smile never fails to pull on those heart strings. Ricky finds work-life balance important, and he has worked a long time to get there. He enjoys playing sports, and as the goalie on a hockey team he adheres to the motto “you gotta keep moving or else you rust”.

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