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Meet Nancy Song

Nancy Song is a Junior Project Manager in MBC Group’s Seifken Engineering Division. She originally came from China where she obtained her Master’s degree in Structural Engineering and has been with Seifken Engineering since 2016 (under the MBC umbrella since July of 2020). Nancy appreciates the new team members she has gained. For her, having a good relationship with coworkers is very important, and being able to collaborate with other people who have different areas of expertise has been very valuable for her own growth.

In her current role, Nancy works on both design and drafting, which are normally done by separate people. She enjoys filling both roles herself because she can clearly translate her design into the final drafting product. Design work is very calculated and technical, and she gets to engage her creative side with the drafting portion.

Nancy is proficient at working within programs such as AutoCAD and Revit, and she constantly strives to evolve her skillset even further. One of her next goals is to obtain her P.Eng. designation. Working hard is important to Nancy, and one of her main driving factors is being a good example for her daughter, to demonstrate how gratifying hard work can be.

In the pandemic world, Nancy has taken up playing piano. Since only June, she already knows how to play more than 20 songs, including the main theme of the movie “Ghost”. She has really enjoyed using her down time to delve into figuring out something new, while also having a lot of fun, something Nancy is no stranger to as a proud ping pong master in her school days.

"You have to try, or else you don’t know what you can do; you won’t find out what you are capable of without trying."

The life Nancy has composed for herself and her family through her hard work, effort, and passion is inspiring, and we are excited to see what crescendo comes next for her!

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