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MBC Group increases presence in Eastern Canada with acquisition of Strudes Engineering Services

MONTREAL, QC, March 1st, 2022 – MBC Group, a multi-disciplinary engineering firm that is paving the way for sustainability and innovation in Canada, has announced continued expansion with the acquisition of assets of Strudes Engineering Services in Montreal, QC. Strudes is a company known for outstanding service in the industrial engineering sector and brings significant talent to MBC’s portfolio in the areas of project management and civil structural, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation engineering.

“At Strudes, we believe in providing innovative, cutting-edge engineering services. We have seen the same ideals displayed at MBC Group and are thrilled that we will still offer the quality of services our clients are used to, only now with the added benefits of the large suite of resources that comes with MBC Group. When companies with a high level of expertise collaborate, economies of scale are made, and I have the utmost confidence that we will accomplish great things in our shared mission and vision.” - Henry Nowodworski, President of Strudes

Strudes was founded in Montreal in 1984 and has since been adding highly specialized engineering and technical personnel to perform a variety of services to the industrial sector, including design, contract evaluation and administration, environmental studies, schedule development, site preparation, and more. The company provides services for new facilities and equipment as well as existing ones to evaluate and modernize, with optimum economy and practicality always in mind.

The company has won several prestigious awards over the years for their exceptional engineering work. In past years, they received seven awards for their work on the Shawnessy LRT Station in Calgary, Alberta. This included the Charles Pankow Award for Innovation, which recognizes excellence in innovation and collaboration that advances the construction industry. Furthermore, Strudes’ work on the Bell Centre roof system in Montreal, Quebec, Strudes received the Award of Excellence in Steel Construction. Together, Strudes and MBC are well positioned to continue to deliver innovative engineering services to a variety of markets across Canada.

“I strongly believe in the impact of companies working together to foster industry-wide evolution. When I see what Strudes has accomplished in their time, while sharing our mutual passion for providing leading-edge services that challenge the standard, I feel privileged to welcome Strudes to MBC Group and am thrilled to be able to extend their impressive services to our clients across the nation . We started as a small company in Quebec and have since expanded across Canada, so I am looking forward to strengthening our existing presence in Eastern Canada with this exciting acquisition” - Ross Huartt, President and CEO of MBC Group.

About MBC Group

MBC Group’s mission is to be a single source for a wide array of services, where clients receive a comprehensive, collaborative, and creative project approach to their projects. Already located in more than fifteen cities from coast to coast, MBC’s strength lies in the multidisciplinary team comprised of leading experts in structural engineering and design, property damage appraisal, cost consulting, environmental consulting, and forensic laboratory analysis and research. Each member of the team brings not only a unique background of experience to their methodology and project approach, but a passion for going above and beyond to provide clients with the solutions they need.

About Strudes

Founded in Montreal in 1984, Strudes specializes in project management, civil structural engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical and instrumentation engineering. By adhering to values of continuing education, new technological advances, and innovative engineering solutions, Strudes provides excellent service and complete client satisfaction. The company provides services for new facilities and equipment as well as evaluation and modernization of existing structures to a variety of markets including cement and rock, pulp and paper, environment, commercial, metallurgy, mining, material handling, and transport. Their continuous research into new technological advancements, along with state-of-the-art computer equipment and software, guarantees their clients the quality, efficiency, and accuracy demanded of their profession.

For more information contact:

Yves Metten

Vice President - Corporate Development


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