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MBC Group appoints Brian Bessey as the Alberta Client Relations Manager

CALGARY, AB – July 12, 2021

MBC Group is proud to have high calibre leaders who work tirelessly to invest in the organisation’s success and strengthen each of our lines of business. We are excited to welcome Brian Bessy to the leadership team as our new Alberta Client Relations Manager. He will be based in our Calgary office and will be responsible for forming long-term relationships with new clients and deepening established relationships with existing clients.

Mr. Bessey comes from the restoration industry with over ten years as a manager and director. He is an expert at cultivating and sustaining connections with insurance companies, adjusters, brokers, and property managers. His well-known reputation for integrity will be an essential pillar of managing and developing customer relationships at MBC Group. In addition to managing client relations, Brian will be further strengthening MBC Group’s market share within Alberta, increasing both our brand awareness and authority within the industries we serve.

“Brian will be instrumental in developing and shaping our relationships within the industry and within our community, as well as assisting our salesforce in delivering each of our service offerings, Brian’s passion for building lasting connections with clients and coworkers alike makes him a superstar teammate all around and we’re looking forward to seeing where his leadership takes us.”

-Ross Huartt, President and CEO of MBC Group,

The complexities of this past year and dealing with a pandemic, as well as the challenges within the industries we serve, inspire MBC’s growth and evolution. We have been placing a greater emphasis on maintaining contact with our clients, having a deeper understanding of their needs, and providing more comprehensive solutions to streamline their projects and solve their problems before they happen. We are thrilled for Brian to take on this new role and we trust he will be a valuable resource as the firm grows and delves into new ventures.

MBC Group’s mission is to be a single source for a wide array of services, where clients receive a comprehensive, collaborative, and creative project approach to their projects. Already located in more than fifteen cities from coast to coast, MBC’s strength lies in the multidisciplinary team comprised of leading experts in structural engineering and design, property damage appraisal, cost consulting, environmental consulting, and forensic laboratory analysis and research. Each member of the team brings not only a unique background of experience to their methodology and project approach, but a passion for going above and beyond to provide clients with the solutions they need.

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