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MBC Group announces addition of Yves Metten as VP of Corporate Development

MONTREAL, QC, July 5, 2021

2021 marks an exciting chapter in MBC Group’s journey with the expansion across numerous business sectors on both a national and global scale. The appointment of Yves Metten as Vice President of Corporate Development begins an exciting new phase of growth for the company. Welcoming Yves to our team will further strengthen MBC Group’s placement in the national marketplace.

Yves Metten is an executive force with a proven track record of delivering on a national scale, transforming global corporations by leveraging their competitive advantage within their respective markets. He brings over twenty-five years of strategic growth experience in sales, marketing, and operations. Having worked both locally and internationally, he also brings a new global perspective to expand MBC’s scope of business practices.

Yves is a visionary leader who uses his interpersonal ability and broad expertise to tackle any challenges that diverse markets may present. Mr. Metten responsibilities will encompass business development and sales organization leadership while expanding MBC’s presence nationally and developing new channels for all business areas.

“We are thrilled to have Yves join our team, and we’re looking forward to the energy and network connections he’ll forge as we continue to grow. He is coming in to help us establish a higher-level sales and marketing strategy for the ultimate goal of offering our solutions to a broader audience in order to challenge and advance industry standards.”

-Ross Huartt, President and CEO of MBC Group

MBC is thrilled to have Mr. Metten join us, to continue MBC Group’s recent success in expanding into the Greater Toronto Area and further enhancing our service offerings. Yves will provide a fresh perspective and approach to developing a strong foundation for MBC Group’s future, and a capability to maximize the limitless opportunities the market has to offer. As he steps into his new role and continues to support our company’s long-term goals, we would like to extend a warm welcome to Yves Metten.

About MBC Group

MBC Group’s mission is to be a single source for a wide array of services, where clients receive a comprehensive, collaborative, and creative project approach to their projects. Already located in more than fifteen cities from coast to coast, MBC’s strength lies in the multidisciplinary team comprised of leading experts in structural engineering and design, property damage appraisal, cost consulting, environmental consulting, and forensic laboratory analysis and research. Each member of the team brings not only a unique background of experience to their methodology and project approach, but a passion for going above and beyond to provide clients with the solutions they need.

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