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Meet: Ron Stephens

Updated: Aug 9, 2021


Ron Stephens, a Cost Consultant in Edmonton, Alberta, started only in March of this year, and is already rejoicing in the work and the people he gets to work with. Ron has a long history of involvement in various aspects of properties. He started out in a corporate services position in his early twenties and worked his way into facility management, handling the organization related to office spaces, warehouses, leased and owned spaces.

After thirty years in the industry, the changing economy prompted him to pursue his insurance licensing. With his previous knowledge of facilities and properties, as well as his five years of experience as an adjuster, Ron has settled well into his new role. There have been new things to learn, but there is no shortage of fellow staff willing to pass on their knowledge. Ron has loved seeing the level of expertise in the team and has been impressed by the level of commitment and passion towards the work being done. For him, the collaborative focus across the country is refreshing and reinforces an environment he flourishes in.

Previous experience is an excellent foundation for a company like MBC Group, whose high-level consultants provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Ron could see anyone from insurance adjusters like himself, to restoration project managers fitting right in at MBC Group. The knowledge of building aspects, software tools such as Xactimate, as well as experience with construction and restoration processes, allows people to be quickly successful in this environment while still having the opportunity to challenge themselves in new ways.

Ron’s favourite aspect of the job is the diversity in projects. Involvement in pre-loss assignments for commercial properties has been something new and appealing that he didn’t have the opportunity to experience as an adjuster. Recently he was able to assist several tree nurseries with assessments that provided the guidance they needed to obtain the insurance they required.

Having just finished his first solo project from start to finish, and with great feedback from his client on the quality of the service provided.

Ron undeniably meets the standard of excellence MBC Group prides itself on. The diversity of work, the integrity of the staff, and the market share that MBC Group has is what attracted Ron to working for MBC Group. He is excited to see what other projects he will have the opportunity to be involved with and the further collaboration he will undoubtedly get to experience.

Ron strives to get the most out of life that he can. He has a passion for cooking, enjoying the process of putting a meal together, right from smoking and dry-aging his own meat. He calls it “playing with his food” and uses the food he lovingly prepares as a vehicle for entertaining friends and family. Ron’s recipe for life, both outside of work and in his role at MBC Group is one we should all add to the menu: a pinch of passion, a dash of gratitude and a gallon of hard work and joy! Thank-you for your positive presence at MBC Group, Ron!

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