MBC Education

Cost Management of Property Claims

2 CE Credits

The Inherent Cost Management Issue on Construction course primarily focuses on the cost management issues that claim stakeholders face daily. This course is designed to go over some of these issues and show how to address them. The course will address:

  • Loss Categorization and cost management tools applied
  • RCV/ACV – The correct methods and when to apply
  • Code/ By-law – Risk Management from a cost perspective

Awareness Course(s)

CE credits are applied based on course topic taken.

The Awareness Courses, taught by DF Technical & Consulting Services, provides information pertaining to Environmental Safety on site. Each subject is taught as its own course where you are exposed to in-depth knowledge on the course material. Time of course is dependent on which topic is being covered. Please see the listed courses currently being offered:

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Hazmat Awareness
  • Mold Awareness
  • Silica Awareness
  • Radon Awareness

Asbestos Worker Certification Course
2 IICRC Credits

The Asbestos Worker Certification Course, taught by our Environmental team will cover the fundamentals involved in dealing with sites that possibly contain asbestos. This course will include information on the health and safety risks, containment, and legislative requirements involved with dealing with Asbestos as set forth by the Alberta Provincial Government.

Engineering: Code & By-Law Risk Management

2 CE Credits

The seminar is not only focused on providing a summary of the residential and commercial code sections (most common to insurers) but also on providing a clear understanding of how structural elements are evaluated in a claim scenario and how scope of items are calculated for 'loss vs. zero loss'. A critical take away of this seminar is to ensure claims hadnlers recognize that permitting offices are not always accurate or correct, and that we can provide an outline of the recourse actions we routinely action for our clients. 

Cyber Insurance Claims: Managing your Risk

This course offers an overview of the cyber insurance industry, addresses emerging trends, claims related issues and how to manage cyber risk from a technical perspective. The learning outcome would provide stakeholders with a good understanding of the process, regulations and resources available to deal wtih cyber failure or risk.