Management Team

Naomi Myers, FCIP, CRM

Director of National Services, GTA

Naomi is a dynamic and charismatic sales lead who prides herself on providing excellent service and outperforming company expectations. With over 17 years experience she holds a Fellowship Insurance Professional designation and a Canadian risk managers designation, which makes her the ideal candidate to help understand and execute our company’s strategic business plan. As an experienced National Director of Business Development, she has become well versed in sales, management, facilitating and designing technical training, as well as providing knowledgeable information pertaining to commercial and casualty insurance. Her responsibilities include the growth and advancement of major projects that will help drive our team of business managers, engineers and environmental technicians to help generate ongoing revenue. Naomi is well thought of as a great mentor and teammate, she is versatile and is ready to adapt to the needs of a high-pressure environment, which is proven quality for the work we are continually doing out in the field.

  • Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Sales and Customer Relations

Rajiv Shrivastava, PQS, M.Eng., MBA

Director of Major Projects

Rajiv Shrivastava has been well regarded in the industry for his client-focused dedication and hard work ethic. With over 20 years in the industry working as a Design Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, and Mechanical Engineer, Rajiv contributes to large complex projects with an open and knowledgeable background. Rajiv continues to adapt and strives to find the most cost-effective solutions to all projects he is given. 

Rajiv graduated from the NIT with his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. After nearly a decade working in the field, as a Design Engineer, he returned his focus back to education and earned an MBA in Finance from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Rajiv’s expertise as both a Quantity Surveyor and Engineer provides the perfect balance to ensure all codes are upheld while also finding ways to be more cost-effective on all projects. 

  • Quantity & Cost Surveying Services
  • Construction Consulting
  • Large and Complex Loss
  • High Density Industrial Construction

Koffi Deku, P.Eng., CCP

Western Director of Engineering

Koffi is a highly qualified and accredited Professional Civil and Structural Engineer with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Mr. Deku is an expert at design and construction of new facilities, implementing process improvements and developing high-performance teams. Koffi is well adept at automating operations to increase yields, reduce costs and ensure efficiency in order to generate sustainable revenue. 

As the Associate Director of Engineering, Mr. Deku will be responsible for prioritizing and assigning engineering projects with on-time completion within budget, towards achieving company goals. Koffi thrives working in a collaborative environment and utilizes value engineering approaches and strives for continuous improvement.

  • Structural, Civil & Design
  • Permitting Structure
  • Foundation & Structural Systems
  • Structural Analysis & Modelling
  • Site Inspections
  • Pre & Post Construction Survey
  • Construction Defects
  • Building Envelope
  • Infrastructure Damages & Repairs
  • Wood & Concrete Infrastructures
  • Steel & Hybrid Structures

Ronnie Bud, CPA, CA, CBV, CFF, MBA

Director of Forensic Accounting

Ronnie is a talented accounting professional with more than 11 years of experience providing services in audit, assurance, tax, financial reporting, business advisory and consulting. Mr. Bud has extensive knowledge of fraud and investigations, forensic technology, expert witness services, as well as financial and economic analyses. Ronnie has been involved on numerous cases providing consulting and litigation valuation support services to all clients and industries including oil and gas, hospitality, health, agriculture and non-profits. His analytical and detail-oriented approach carries through in the process of preparing financial reports, financial modelling and investigative procedures in connection to various aspects of risk quantification, business interruptions and significant property loss. Specialities: Business Interruption, Financial Reporting, Economic Analysis, Audit and Tax reporting and regulations, Expert Witness, Fraud investigations.

Kristjan Kristjansson, FRST, WRT, AMRT

Senior Alberta Appraisal Manager

During the past decade, Kris provided post-loss services after many of the large-scale Western Canada catastrophes including Slave Lake, Southern Alberta Floods, Fort McMurray Wild Fires and more. As a result, he has an in-depth knowledge of building sciences and the needs of the Insurance Industry which he applies to every project. His progressive experience, from labourer through to technician and project manager gives him real-world and applied knowledge of the factors that go into successful appraisal and construction projects. Specialities: Quantity & Cost Surveying Services, Construction Consulting, Customer Relations.

Sabrina Adams

Human Resources Manager

Specialities: Talent Acquisition, People Management, Group Benefits

David Merks

Senior Manager – Atlantic Canada

David is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in the insurance, construction, commercial banking, and appraisal industries. He is well-acquainted with comprehensive measurement evaluation and loss-adjusting experience in remote areas, global disaster losses, farming industrial as well as domestic losses; and is also familiar with heavy equipment and machinery losses and maintenance. As an effective communicator, he can easily build and retain excellent working relationships with external partners, other industry professionals, all staff, management team and key decision-makers. David performs a wide variety of functions easily and precisely in our fast-paced working environment. He is responsible for providing customer support as well as for the oversight of the team members and initiatives across Atlantic Canada. Specialities: Insurance, Construction, Commercial Banking, Appraisal, comprehensive measurement evaluation, loss-adjusting, global disaster losses, farming and agricultural industrial, heavy equipment and machinery losses and maintenance.

Robin Abel, MSc, MCIC, CSFS

Director of Scientific Research & Development

Robin is a highly qualified forensic chemist, specializing analytical and physical chemistry. Over the last 15 years Robin’s previous roles included researching at the University of Western Ontario and the University of Alberta, and 6 years of service as a forensic specialist in the RCMP National Forensic Laboratory Services. Robin is detail-oriented and is skilled in determining how a multitude of factors interrelate within an investigation. Mr. Abel is practiced at applying rigorous analysis and critical thinking skills to produce reliable findings for every investigation. Robin Abel’s current research focuses on advancing analytical chemistry for forensic applications. His most recent publication is 'A Novel Protocol for Producing Low-Abundance Targets to Characterize the Sensitivity Limits of Ignitable Liquid Detection Canines'. His current research includes the modernization of fire investigation and debris analysis and bringing chemometrics and machine learning into mainstream forensic practice in Canada. Specialities: Analytic and Physical Chemistry, Forensic Labratory Services, Research and analysis, Expert Witness.

Christian Injates, CEC, CEM

Senior Director of Environmental

Chris Injates has over 25 years of related environmental consulting experience throughout Western and Northern Canada. During that time, Chris has had experience as a technologist, project and group manager responsible for overseeing hundreds of environmental projects for a wide range of clients and industry sectors. He has completed many certifications including Trade Safety Coordinator, Construction Safety Officer, Environmental Consultant/Manager and is an AHERA certified building Inspector, which gives him a wide range of skills to be able to tackle all environmental projects with the highest regard. Chris has displayed and outstanding degree of work ethic and plays a significant role in the performance of the teams he leads. Overall, he is committed to providing the required environmental evaluations that will help to improve the health and safety of all stakeholders for whom he works. Specialities: Indoor Air Quality and Hazardous Materials and Designated Substances Testing.

Thomas Morawiec, CVT, HCI-R/C, FRT, WRT

Contents Manager

Thomas is a graduate of the Civil Engineering Technology program from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Mr. Morawiec is certfied as a Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician (FSRT), Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT), and is in the process of obtaining his Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) designation. His education and training, combined with many years in the post-loss appraisal and restoration industry, enables him to share his expertise and knowledge with Insurance industry clients who need to control claim management costs on projects of all sizes and complexities.