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Laboratory Services

MBC Group is uniquely positioned to provide multi-disciplinary services to the development sector.  Navigating federal, provincial, and municipal regulatory requirements requires a unique set of skills and continual collaboration. MBC Group's network of laboratories and highly skilled and experienced professionals have extensive experience navigating environmental issues in a cost-effective and regulatory-compliant manner. 

Engineering Services

MBC Group's qualified team of experts and extensive network of laboratories ensure we can provide quality and cost-effective engineering services 

Cost Consulting services

MBC Group’s network of laboratories and team of highly skilled professionals ensure we can provide client-oriented and cost-effective lab-related cost consulting projects. 

Enviormental Services

MBC Group’s network of labatories and team of highly skilled and experienced professionals have extensive experience navigating environmental issues in a cost-effective and regulatory-compliant manner.

Respirable Asbestos Fiber Monitoring

MBC Group’s highly trained laboratory and environmental staff are available to provide job-site monitoring for respirable asbestos fibre exposure, allowing you to rapidly implement or adjust protective controls to protect your workers. Using the industry’s best phase contrast microscopes, all our analyses rigorously comply with NIOSH 7400 standards.

Bulk Asbestos Analysis

The MBC Group laboratory specializes in HAZMAT assessment for bulk asbestos to allow you to keep your workers safe and ensure the proper disposal of asbestos-containing materials. Collected by our Environmental team, samples are analyzed by our highly trained scientists using the latest polarizing light microscopes with all results conforming to EPA/600/R-93/116 requirements.

Mold Spore Identification

The MBC Group laboratory supports our environmental team when assessing indoor air quality, including the evaluation of mould. Using a range of state-of-the-art microscopic equipment, our scientists are qualified to identify spores from over 60 Genera of mould.

Fire Debris Analysis

The fire debris laboratory at MBC Group supports fire investigations by analyzing material collected from the scene for ignitable liquids. MBC Group’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Robin Abel, is a recognized forensic expert and has provided analysis, interpretation, and expert court testimony in the field of forensic fire debris analysis. Trained in the analysis and interpretation of fire debris by the RCMP’s Forensic Laboratory Service, Dr. Abel has also led, and published, numerous research projects in this field at the University of Alberta. At MBC, our scientists are trained and qualified to analyze your samples using modern GC-MS instrumentation, and can provide objective answers to your investigative questions based on internationally accepted forensic standards. Analysis of fire debris using multidimensional techniques (i.e. GC×GC-TOFMS) is also available for those samples where superior separation power and resolution are required.

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Custom Forensic Investigative Services

The MBC Group laboratory provides custom scientific analysis and peer-reviewed, expert forensic interpretation to answer your forensic questions. Whether your case is more straight-forward or very complex, our Chief Scientist Dr. Robin Abel is available to provide you with helpful, objective advice. Our analyses, which are always based on a foundation of solid forensic methodology, will allow you to make critical investigative decisions with confidence knowing that the results are supported by good science.

Expert Forensic Consulting and Court Testimony

At MBC Group, our laboratory personnel have skills and specialized knowledge in a variety of scientific areas, including experience in delivering scientifically valid forensic analysis, interpretation, and expert testimony of our results in court. Within our areas of expertise, our staff can also provide expert technical peer-review of your work, or re-examine information and data contained in other forensic case files on matters that are under adjudication. Contact our laboratory to find out how we can assist you.