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Forensic Engineering Services

MBC Group has extensive experience providing forensic engineering services to the insurance sector. As a market leader and innovator within the field of forensic engineering, we have an established track record of providing qualified and compliant engineering services in a timely fashion.


structural Engineering

When storms, fires, accidents, or other events damage structures, MBC Group's forensic structural engineers provide clients with accurate and swift analysis to answer their questions and help them move forward.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical forensic engineers investigate deficiencies in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems, and perform forensic analysis to determine the cause of the failure. Incidents stemming from electrical equipment failures often involve large losses and frequently end up in litigation. From initial system analysis and damage assessments to providing expert written reports and witness testimony, our forensic electrical engineers can be relied upon to assist in subrogation and liability cases. 



Our mechanical engineers are experts in failure analysis. They have the tools and technical skills to determine how and why an unintended event may have occurred, taking into account the numerous forces and factors at play, and if it is likely to reoccur.  Through careful examination and testing of mechanical components and devices they can determine both the mode of failure while also corroborating compliance with regulatory codes and industry standards.