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Cost Consulting Services

MBC Group's team has extensive experience providing a multitude of cost consulting services to the insurance sector. MBC Group has a proud and established track record of providing cost-effective and compliant cost consulting services in a timely fashion.



Every successful project starts with a precise and accurate cost estimate. Our experts can provide estimates for both small and large projects.

Appraisals & Arbitration 

Our expert team of appraisers can determine the value of any loss or damages to the building and can assist during the arbitration process.

Builders Risk Claim Evaluations

Our team of experts can not only appraise losses or damages, but also have been working in the insurance sector for several years.

Construction Cost Auditing & Monitoring

MBC Group can ensure that all costs are fair, accurate, and within contract guidelines.

Replacement cost & Actual Cash Value Determination

MBC Group can help with both replacement cost value (RCV) and actual cash value (ACV) reporting. 

Productivity Loss analysis

MBC can investigate and pinpoint events or disruptions that led to a loss, as well as analyze contributing factors and corrective actions.

Cost Damage Quantification

Our experienced Cost Consultants can provide unbiased, thorough investigation, and accurate reports.

Building Damage AssesSment

Our damage assessments record the extent of the damage and will dictate what can be replaced, restored, or salvaged.

Schedule Delay Analysis

Our experts are adept at keeping track of your project to identify unnecessary delays in the timeline and schedule of work. 

Standard Of Care AssesSment

MBC Group can assist with expert witness evaluation, assessment, and testimony that is generally required to identify and communicate design or construction deficiencies.

Surety Claim Evaluation

MBC Group has the expertise needed to help you with your surety claim evaluation.