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Engineering Services

MBC Group has extensive experience providing engineering services to the government sector. As a market leader and innovator within the field of engineering, we have an established track record of providing qualified and compliant engineering services in a timely fashion.


Civil Engineering

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Due Diligence & Feasibilty Studies

Prior to land acquisition, the implementation of due diligence and feasibility studies plays a crucial role in diminishing costly construction risks. 


Knowing the regulations within each city is fundamental. Each has different bylaws and restrictions within the different categories of a structure. MBC Group can help you navigate these different bylaws across Canada.

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Storm water Management

MBC Group's experts focus on storm water management, which involves detaining storm water and removing pollutants. Proper management reduces the risks caused by uncontrolled storm water runoff.

Code & Bylaw Analysis

Water conduit design & sizing

MBC Group's experts can help with determining the type and size of the supply and drainage conduit, which can be a tedious process. Various types of conduits are discussed such as open, closed, underground, aboveground conduits, lined and unlined earth channels.

Infrastructure Plans

MBC Group can help with infrastructure plans concerning water, sewers, storm, roads, and pedestrian walkways.

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Road Resurfacing

Roads tend to become worn out due to the volume and intensity of traffic, weather conditions and natural effects. MBC-Group can help in all stages of road resurfacing.


Structural Engineering

Seismic Upgrades

MBC Group can help with getting seismic retrofitting done for your home, making it it resistant to seismic activity caused by earthquakes.

Roof snow load calculations

Since Canada frequently experiences heavy snowfalls, it's essential to know how much snow load your roof can withstand. MBC Group can provide accurate measurements to keep you and your roofs safe. 

Foundation & building design

MBC Group's team of experts can help with both shallow foundation and deep foundation design.

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Building Upgrades and Retrofits

MBC Group can assist in retrofitting buildings, improving energy efficiency, increasing energy savings and adding more appreciation value to the building. 


Mechanical Engineering

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Utility System Design

MBC Group has the relevant expertise to aid with utility system design. 


HVAC Retrofits

MBC Group can help with HVAC retrofit, allowing you to bring in newer and more cost-effective technologies to an existing facility without having to replace the entire system.

Design Mechanical BuilDing System

MBC Group can help with the design of any mechanical building system including HVAC, plumbing, drainage and fire protection.

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Pipe Sizing

MBC Group can help with the optimization of  pipe size and velocity of the fluid which not only improves the system efficiency but can also increase the service life.


Electrical Engineering

Lighting Design  layout

MBC group can design new lighting layout complete with circuits and controls specs.

Design power layout Design

MBC group can aid with the design of a new power layout complete with circuits.

Design Security infrastructure

MBC Group has the relevant expertise to design high-quality and effective security infrastructure.

Design fire alarm system and specifications

MBC Group's team of experts can help design fire alarm systems and ensure they are up to any specfications. 

Design power to the elevator machine room

MBC Group's team of engineers can assist in the design of power to the elevator machine room.

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Design power to new mechanical equipment

MBC Group's team of engineers can help design power to new mechanical equipment.

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Electrical distribution diagram

MBC Group can draw up electrical distribution system drawings, illustrating the major circuits used to supply electricity to the offsite power grid and to supply electricity to plant equipment for any relevant project.


Blast Services

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Pre-blast consultation

The main goal in blasting is to optimize blast performance and ensure the safety of everyone by applying safety practices in and around the blast site.

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Blast Risk Assessment

Poor fragmentation is one of the foremost side effects caused by blasting operations. Therefore, blast risk assessment of rock fragmentation is crucial to lessen the fragmentation effects.

Blast Design

Appropriate blast design along with proper choice of explosive will provide competent fragmentation, which will lower downstream costs.

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Blast Performance & Optimization

The main goal in blasting is to optimize blast performance and ensure the safety of everyone by applying safety practices in and around the blast site.

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Vibration Analysis/Diagnostics

Vibration monitoring and data analysis is important to ensure the project remains compliant with project specification and local regulation.  

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Fragmentation Effects

Fly rocks, ground vibration, air last, and environmental effects are harmful effects of blasting operations. Therefore, proper blasting procedure should always be implemented to reduce effects.  

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