Our environmental experts work with insurance providers as well as commercial and industrial organizations to detect building envelope issues like water, mould, asbestos that can cause poor air quality and structural damage.

Enviromental Experts

MBC Group provides high quality, responsive, practical, timely and LEGALLY DEFENSIBLE solutions for all our clients. MBC Group provides consultations on all Hazardous Material Testing and Designated Substance Surveys across Canada.


Moisture penetrations into building materials are major precipitators to mould growth and in most cases cannot be seen immediately by the naked eye. Our industry certified infrared thermographers aid in the location of suspected water loss sources, water intrusions, heat loss and overall building envelope integrity. Our Infrared Thermography Inspections include:

  • Thermal Heat Signatures for indications of infrared temperature differences in building materials that may relate to moisture intrusion or heat loss/ gain.

  • Non-destructive testing of building materials for identification of potential moisture intrusions confirmed with moisture scanning/ probing equipment for verification.

  • Reportable findings in a concise written inspection report.


The science behind Industrial and Occupational Monitoring involves the understanding of the contaminants that have the potential to harm the human body and that are generated in the workplace as part of an overall process. These processes may include:

  • Process related-welding, gouging, grinding/cutting, painting, sand or abrasive blasting, electroplating, noise exposure, compressed breathing air, confined space monitoring.
  • Function related exposure to exhaust gases introduced into the workplace from exhaust systems, folk lift activity and other vehicle activity.
  • Our consultants are able to answer direct questions pertaining to exposure as well as indirect considerations or secondary sources created during processes. By understanding the process and spin-off effects, sampling strategies can be developed in a more cost-effective manner and directed to answer the necessary questions.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a very broad topic and in-experience can result in a flawed survey, resulting in wasted time and resources. MBC Group employs trained individuals with a comprehensive understanding of indoor environments, thus maximizing the inspection process targeting areas of concern and answering the questions for all interested parties. Air Quality may include some or all the following parameters:

  • Mould & Bacteria
  • Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Dust Particle Counting
  • Air Movement Profiles
  • Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide
  • Temperature / Relative Humidity
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Contaminant Migration from Adjoining Sources
  • Ozone


Mould Remediation is the process of removing contaminated materials while controlling the exposure of the worker and cross-contamination of other areas of the building or structure. Mould is a symptom of moisture issues. Mould concerns are a result of moisture intrusion affecting the structure, either through leakage, condensation or occupant activity. To ensure the long-term effectiveness of a Remediation project an understanding of moisture source(s) is an integral portion of the mould assessment for reduction of redundancies in procedures. MBC Group evaluates moisture sources including building enclosure failures, mechanical leakage issues or occupant activity that may be the source or contributing to mould development concern. Mould Assessments involve: Occupant interview, visual inspection and building assessment to determine the best possible methodology of analytical sampling to create a site-specific remediation plan to reduce source and health impact potential from spore exposure.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre used in numerous applications within buildings for fire rating of materials, insulation properties and product durability. However, health concerns related to fibre exposure have deemed Asbestos as a risk factor within buildings containing these materials.

MBC Group provides inspection and consulting services necessary to determine if asbestos is a concern within your facility or building.

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