Environmental, Health & Safety

MBC Group evaluates and remediates environmental damage, regulatory compliance, and employee safety.

As industry leaders, we deliver environmental solutions to corporations, government entities, insurance agencies, developers, construction professionals, legal professionals, and both public and private owners.

MBC Group’s environmental team can investigate the presence of lead-based paint, asbestos, and other environmental hazards.


  • Abatement Project Management, Monitoring, & Oversight
  • Expert Testimony
  • Exposure Assessments & Risk Characterization
  • Lead & Asbestos Abatement Design
  • Lead & Asbestos Operations & Management Plans
  • Lead & Asbestos Post-Remediation Verification
  • Lead & Asbestos Surveys
  • Lead Risk Assessments
  • Lead-In-Drinking Water Testing
  • OSHA Monitoring
  • Regulatory Compliance Support

MBC Group is a trusted partner on complex environmental issues, from disaster response and recovery through remediation.

Our team is available around the clock to deploy rapid response services.


  • 24-Hour Rapid Response Availability
  • Air Quality Sampling & Investigation
  • Biological Agent Sampling
  • Certified & Credentialed Personnel
  • Establishing & Evaluating Exclusion & Safe Zones
  • Exposure Analysis & Risk Characterization
  • Fate & Transport of Constituents
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Natural Resources Damage Assessments
  • Real-Time Computerized Dispersion Modeling
  • Remediation Closure Documentation
  • Risk-Based Remediation Design & Oversight
  • Soil & Water Sampling & Damage Assessment
  • Spill & Chemical Response
  • Trained & Certified Hazmat Teams
  • Waste Management & Characterization

We consistently deliver comprehensive solutions to help clients reach their compliance goals.

Our curated programs ensure positive results for regulatory agency audits, all while reducing operational costs, claims and liabilities, reported losses, and more.


  • Development & Implementation of Compliance Management Programs
  • Employee Training & Drills
  • Environmental Permitting: Air, Water, & Waste
  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Services: Asbestos, Mold, & Lead Evaluations
  • Multimedia Compliance Permitting
  • Noise Analysis
  • Compliance Plans Preparation: Spills, Contingency, & Personnel Training
  • Preparation of Environmental Reports: Air, Water, & Waste
  • Process Safety Management
  • Regulatory Compliance Auditing
  • Responses to Agency Notices of Violation & Enforcement Actions
  • Risk Assessment
  • Waste Characterization

Our safety experts are lauded for their unique ability to deliver clear, defense-oriented testimony.

We deliver detailed written reports, sampling and analysis documentation, site photographs, and comprehensive recommendations for each of our clients.

Our mold assessment services are carried out within the parameters of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), and the New York Department of Health.

All our work is in alignment with Daubert principles, and our laboratory services take place exclusively in AIHA-certified labs.

‘MBC Group evaluates moisture sources including building enclosure failures, mechanical leakage issues or occupant activity that may be the source or contributing to mould development concern. Mould Assessments involve: Occupant interview, visual inspection and building assessment to determine the best possible methodology of analytical sampling to create a site-specific remediation plan to reduce source and health impact potential from spore exposure.” - FROM PREVIOUS SITE


  • Design of Mold Abatement & Remediation Measures
  • Determination of Mold & Moisture Cause & Origin
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Moisture Mapping & Thermal Imagery Assessments
  • Mold Investigations
  • Performance of Abatement Oversight, Including Documentation Summaries
  • Post-Remediation Verification Reporting

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