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Environmental Services

Ownership and management of real estate pose environmental challenges and risks that need to be managed. MBC Group is well suited to provide environmental services to building owners, managers, and developers across Canada. MBC Group’s team of highly skilled and experienced professionals have a wealth of experience handling environmental concerns in a cost-effective and regulatory compliant manner.


Hazardous Material Management

Members of our Environmental team are well-versed in BOMA best practices, asbestos management plans, and other ongoing management tools for buildings with hazardous materials. We also have vast experience assessing and monitoring the abatement requirements for building renovations or upgrades.

Mould AssesSmENt/ Remediation

Our experts can detect the presence of mould or conditions conducive to mould growth. We can determine the need for cleanup once the mould has been tested to determine the precise type of mould. If mould remediation is required, we have the experience to design a scope of work and assist in the selection of the appropriate personnel. Our consultants perform air testing on-site to confirm that no spores are present, as well as monitoring to ensure that contractors are correctly dealing with the mould.

Indoor Air Quality AssesSment

We conduct air testing in residences where there are health concerns to determine the negative impact of poor air quality in offices or buildings where staff or residents are complaining about the air. We can also provide testing in homes and businesses prior to any issues or complaints to discover any potential health risks before they become a major health concern, including legislatively enforced or regulated monitoring and testing.

Emergency Response Services

After a weather event or other type of incident which poses a risk of hazardous material exposure, our team is quick to respond to identify the possible required testing and can provide a scope of work that outlines our findings and recommendations for removal of hazardous materials prior to any repair work being done.

preparation of project speciFIcations

For renovations and upgrades which involve the removal or demolition of possible asbestos-containing materials, testing is required. Our team can identify these materials and provide a scope of work outlining all findings and recommended project requirements.

Water/Smoke Damage AsseSsments

Our consultants utilize their experience and specialized equipment to trace the extent of damage from water and smoke. Once assessment and any necessary testing is complete, we provide a scope of work outlining our findings and recommendations for next steps.

Moisture Mapping & DeliNEation

Using thermal technology, our consultants investigate and assess the water damage to identify the point of origin and extent of damage to determine the remediation and repair requirements within a building or structure.

Regulatory Advisory Services

Our Environmental Consultants, equipped with an in-depth knowledge of these legislations, can facilitate the ongoing management of different facilities, ensuring all requirements are being met and that their workers are safe.

Potable water testing & Analysis

Our experts can identify contaminants in drinking water and provide a summary of what is at an acceptable level and what is of concern.