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Architectural & Design

MBC Group has extensive experience providing architectural & design services to the real estate and development sector. We have an established track record of providing a wide variety of qualified and compliant architectural & design services in a timely fashion.

Forensic Engineering

Development Permit & Modeling

Site Plan

MBC Group can help with developing and implementing a specific organizational plan for any interior or exterior space of any size. 

Planning bylaw analysis

MBC Group can aid with the plan and analysis of specific bylaw regulations.

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Feasibility studies

Our staff has a wide array of specialties which allows us to assess every aspect of your building. Whether you are concerned about the building envelope performance, structural foundation and superstructure, or mechanical systems, our experts can provide you with the knowledge to act and make the best decisions for you. This includes feasibility studies wherever there may be some doubt or controversy regarding any proposed development.

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Building Code Review

MBC Group's wealth of expertise can ensure building code is thoroughly reviewed to guarantee your project is up to code and viable. 

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Preliminary layout, massing, elevations

MBC Group's team of experts can assist in creating preliminary layouts, massing and elevations. 


Building Permit

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Construction drawings

MBC Group's team of experts can help in the creation of construction drawings for any project size. The main purpose of construction drawings is to provide a graphic representation of what is to be built. This allows for the contractor to not only estimate a cost for the project but execute it. 

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Interior Design

MBC Group can make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful for almost every type of building. 

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Architectural Specs

MBC Group's experts can produce a detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials and more of work done or to be done on a project. 

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Permit Application

MBC Group can provide you with our expertise and credibility in any permit application necessary to move forward with a project.

Envelope design

MBC Group is well qualified to help produce a design envelope which considers all relevant aspects of a specific proposed plan and site in order to determine which approach is likely to be best.

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