Civil Engineering

Equipped with a strong knowledge of bylaws, code, and standards, our engineers deliver comprehensive civil engineering services, planning, and upgrades. MBC Group provides its engineering services from the planning stages of a project through to completion, and everything between.

  • Land development including residential, commercial, industrial, and resort subdivision developments

  • Transportation design including urban streets and rural road type cross-section, sidewalks, pavement design and assessment, traffic analysis, and impact studies

  • Infrastructure planning and optimization including water system modeling and optimization, sewage system upgrade, road network assessment and rehabilitation phasing, growth and development planning and servicing strategy, and development levy studies

  • Water supply, conveyance, and treatment

  • Sewage collection, conveyance, treatment, and disposal

  • Mechanical engineering including piping layouts and stress analysis, high-pressure vessels, and bulk material terminals.

  • Electrical and instrumentation engineering including high and low power distribution, motor evaluation and selection, Building electrical systems, and industrial / commercial controls

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