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The combined efforts of our architects, engineers, and appraisers will generate both innovative designs and cost-effective solutions. Our team of specialists has extensive experience managing a large variety of major high-density developments.


Equipped with a strong knowledge of bylaws, code, and standards, our engineers deliver comprehensive civil engineering services, planning, and upgrades. MBC Group provides its engineering services from the planning stages of a project through to completion, and everything between.


MBC Group offers advanced industrial design solutions which facilitate a complex design that is best-in-class and showcases knowledge, insight, and specific skill sets as per the standardized and legislated codes and bylaws.


MBC Group provides a wide variety of general engineering services from the planning stages of a project through to completion, and everything between. Diverse background and specialties means a well-rounded and thorough approach.

Our services


As a licensed Professional Quantity Surveying firm with the CIQS, MBC is professionally recognized as experts in the areas of blueprint interpretation, construction, construction costs, contract law, standard protocols, and administrative responsibility over the entire life cycle of a project.


MBC Group’s qualified Environmental team apply their vast experience and expertise to ensure safety and compliance with all applicable guidelines, standards, and legislations. Our Lab Technicians and analysts are highly trained in analysis techniques and standards to deliver accurate analysis.


As a result of the increasing number of catastrophic weather events over the last several years, MBC Group formed a critical response team to provide qualified support. Our experts quickly come together to get boots on the ground within 24 hours of an event to assess damages quickly and accurately.

MBC is there to help.

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