Appraisal & Surveying

MBC Groups mission is to provide objective analysis, and precise reporting, to assist our clients in making informed decisions. MBC Group is a leading national post-loss appraisal and construction consulting firm.

MBC Group offers support on projects of all sizes, from daily residential claims to expansive global construction losses.

Our Services:

  • Builder’s Risk Services
  • Catastrophe Response
  • Estimating
  • Damage Assessments
  • Water & Fire Restoration
  • Replacement Cost & Actual Cash Value Determination
  • Wind & Hail Damage Surveys

We support the measurement of all building works, as well as contract preparation and budget analysis.

With our team of experts, clients enjoy a curated strategy focused on cost management—with the same level of project quality and building standards.

Our Services:

  • Measurement
    • BQ’s in NRM & SMM7 Formats &/or Bespoke for Individual Requirements
    • Electronic Measurement & Billing for Contractor’s Estimating Teams
    • Remeasures & Quantity Checks
  • Pre-Contract Services
    • Cost Plans for Financial Due Diligence
    • Feasibility Estimates
    • Tender Documentation Preparation & Advice on Contract & Amendments Thereto
    • Tender Evaluation & Reports
  • Post-Contract Services
    • Final Account Negotiation & Settlement
    • Preparation & Certification of Interim Certificates
    • Valuing & Managing Change
  • Specialty Services
    • Construction Monitoring
    • Employer’s Agent
    • Independent Cost Audits
    • PFI / PPP for Both the Funder / Client

We offer comprehensive cost estimates for every construction and remediation phase. Our team encompasses highly designated Quantity Surveyors, well versed in residential, civil, commercial and industrial projects.

Our team at MBC Group has longstanding experience managing repair estimates for not only property damage, but also defect remediation. In addition, we oversee cost-to-complete estimates and overall budget management on construction projects.


Project Support

  • Value Engineering – Cost effective solutions
  • Change Order Request Review
  • Design Phase Construction Estimates
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Project Budget Development & Updating

Damage Assessments

  • Actual Cash Valuations
  • Builder's Risk
  • Estimate Comparison
  • Estimate Development
  • Property Loss
  • Remediation
  • Replacement Cost Appraisals

MBC Group offers unparalleled scheduling and analysis expertise. We specialize in all phases of construction scheduling, including project planning, dispute settlement, and everything in between.

Construction projects are complex in nature. This means they require deep project planning knowledge to develop the best possible schedules. We offer project support from planning and scheduling to dispute settlement.

Our Services

  • Cost & Resource Loading Estimation
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule Preparation, Monitoring, & Updating
  • Master Schedule Integration
  • Master Schedule Management
  • Pre-Bid Phasing Studies Preparation
  • Recovery Schedule Preparation
  • Schedule Monitoring & Review

MBC Group employs a team of top-qualified, leading experts who recognize the complexities of construction litigation.

Our team is committed to communicating clear, defense-oriented testimony that touch on the issue in question. From the discovery phase onward, we have the knowledge and insights to advise on even the most complex construction challenges.

Our Services

  • Appraisals & Arbitration
  • Builder's Risk Claim Evaluations
  • Change Order Evaluations & Determinations
  • Construction Cost Auditing
  • Construction Defect Investigations
  • Cost Damage Quantification
  • Productivity Loss Analysis
  • Property & Infrastructure Damage Claim Evaluations
  • Schedule Delay Analysis
  • Standard of Care Assessment
  • Surety Claim Evaluations

Clients leverage our technical field expertise to monitor the design and construction phases of their projects, starting from conception.

No matter the phase of the construction lifecycle, we aim to deliver the final project on time and on budget. We do this by integrating the best possible project teams and implementing project management best practices. This helps us hold all parties accountable.

Collectively, our team of project management specialists has overseen more than $1 billion in capital investments. MBC Group employs architects, civil and structural engineers, MEP consultants, estimators, and scheduling professionals.


Our goal as owner representatives is to protect our clients’ interests by helping them complete their projects on time, on budget, and with the lowest possible risk.

Our services can be tailored to accommodate the needs of any client. They generally support four phases overall:


Project Feasibility

  1. Site Selection
  2. Acquisition Due Diligence Management
  3. Property Condition Assessments
  4. Formulation of Options
  5. Market Evaluations
  6. Review Loan, Design, & Construction Documentation
  7. Scope & Program Development, Facilitation, & Support

Preconstruction Phase

  1. Master Budget Development
  2. Master Schedule Development
  3. Cost & Value Management Options Support
  4. Establishing Project Controls Management Related Processes: Project Documentation, RFI, Cost Evaluations, Scheduling, Bidding, Procurement, & On-Site Trade Management
  5. Develop & Issue Requests for Proposal (RFPs) to CM-Rs, Design/Builders, & General Contractors
  6. Design (As Well As Other A/E-Related) Team Selection
  7. Review, Level, & Compare Contractor & Design/Builder Proposals
  8. Review Drawings & Specifications, In Terms of Each Other & Defined Project Scope
  9. Support Counsel In Review of Project Agreements for Design & Construction Services
  10. Pre-Construction Documentation of Meetings
  11. Facilitate & Document Resolution of Design-Related Issues

Construction Phase

  1. Single Point of Contact for Owner
  2. Review & Facilitate Development by Contractor of Feasible & Monitorable Construction Schedule
  3. Facilitate & Document Internal Owner Meetings
  4. Facilitate & Document Weekly Owner, Architect, & Contractor Meetings
  5. Pay Application Review & Tracking
  6. Change Order Analysis & Recommendations
  7. Monthly Tracking of Work in Place & Available Funds for Completion
  8. Facilitate & Manage "Furnished by Owner" Subcontracts & Materials
  9. Ongoing Review of Trade Buyout & Award of Subcontracts
  10. Project Schedule Review, Monitoring, & Progress Documentation
  11. Regular Site Visits to Observe Work & Conformance with Contract Documents
  12. Review of Contractor’s Payment Requisitions & Waivers-of-Lien
  13. Monitor Contingency
  14. Develop Monthly Owner Draw Requests to Lender
  15. Facilitate & Document Resolution of Design-Related Issues

Close-Out Phase

  1. Punch-List Management & Review
  2. Manage Final Payment & Lien/Claim Waiver & Releases
  3. Warranties & Guarantees Collection & Close Out Documentation

We do everything in our power to limit clients’ exposure and liabilities, all while maximizing recovery and decreasing overall costs.

MBC Group works on matters from subdivision claims to expansive project defaults. Our team provides reliable, comprehensive surety results with the highest confidence.


  • Analysis & Reporting of Surety Exposure
  • Construction Claims Investigations
  • Cost to Complete Estimates
  • Default Termination Analysis
  • Document Discovery Assistance
  • Expert Witness & Litigation Support
  • Payment Bond Claims Analysis
  • Performance Bond Claim Analysis
  • Schedule Analysis & Delay Assessment

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