Consulting Expertise

MBC Group specializes in Engineering, Environmental Services, Forensic Laboratory Services, Research and Development, Property Appraisal, Quantity Surveying and Asset Valuations.

Rooted in our property damage assessment expertise, our expanding suite of services encompass all phases of the construction lifecycle. We assist our clients in everything from pre-planning to project management and dispute settlement.

Research and Development

Technology that transports us into the future.

Innovation and diversification come from the creativity of passionate experts, and it is just these kinds of individuals that are leading MBC Group’s Research and Development division. Their scientific minds are hard at work to find advanced solutions for consistent issues in our lines of work.

Forensic Laboratory Services Program

Our Issue: contracting sample analysis to external sources and not having control over the timeline, methods used, or communication of results for each test.

Our Goal: to transform the way in which hazardous materials testing is delivered. 

Our Path: strengthening results and speeding analysis through automation with statistical modeling and machine learning technology.

Our Vision: provide state-of-the-art diagnostic testing on site with fast turnaround times, supported by detailed laboratory reporting.