MBC Group is a leading national post-loss appraisal and construction consulting firm.

Experience and Professional Designation

MBC Groups mission is to provide objective analysis, and precise reporting, to assist our clients in making informed decisions.

At MBC, one of our Professional Quantity Surveyor (PQS) oversees each project, ensuring our clients receive the highest level of care available in the industry. PQS professionals have comprehensive knowledge of construction and construction methods, as well as the laws relating to construction projects and accounting, to provide effective cost and financial consultation.


With this expertise and knowledge, they provide counsel and recommendations to ensure projects are correctly scoped, stay on scope and budget. They can value engineer and reduce unnecessary expenditure throughout the life of their projects; not just to evaluate costs at the end.


Our experienced and designated team thinks outside a traditional linear approach. We find that non-linear processes can result in a significant reduction in timelines and cost.

Post-Loss Property

The MBC Group is a trusted provider of residential, commercial, and institutional property loss scope and estimating. Our wide-breadth of knowledge and experience includes all foreseeable complexity and claim types (fire and smoke, water, impact, mould, odour, asbestos, hail, ice, faulty workmanship, wind, condensation, ice dams, sewer backups, furnace puffbacks, and more). Our quickly deployable, and scalable team is ready to provide on-site (or remote) appraisals across Canada. Including during the need for mass-appraisals after a natural disaster or catastrophe. Fast response times are always important but are crucial after a catastrophe as typically, very many business and families are displaced, emotions run high, delays can put brand reputation at risk, and properties can obtain further insured damages due to delays.​ Our services include:


Specification and Bid Documentation

We know every project is different based on the type (new construction, renovation, or restoration), and how the location (municipal and provincial) affects bylaws, labour rates, material costs, building and more. As a result, our specification, scope of work, and bid documentation are precise and thorough.

Our clients trust us to help them control costs with:

  • Specification and Bid Documentation

  • Bid Review

  • Scope of Work

  • Building Code Review


File Audits and Reviews

Sometimes an impartial and thorough review of costs associated with a project, or file is required to ensure cost control measures were followed, no major errors occurred, and excessive spending was avoided.

Deliverables typically include:

  • A complete review of project-to-date (or of completed assessment)
  • A detailed analysis of all associated costs
  • Thorough report documenting findings and recommendations

Actual Cost Value (ACV) Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

Analysis of the dollar value of physical property repairs and applying the correct depreciation formula (especially when the insured may be deemed responsible for property loss or damage) is important to ensure your liability is limited to the actual damage.  By identifying the quantity/quality of materials and documenting the entire site for possible litigation resolution, reasonable and accurate costs can be confirmed.

Deliverables typically include:

  • Actual Cost Value (ACV)

  • Replacement Cost Value (RCV)

  • Creation of detailed and accurate Scope of Work

  • Material sampling to quality (if available)

  • Dimensioning

  • Confirmation of damage source



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Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration Support

Disputes can happen at any time and typically are a result of excessive costs, erroneous specifications, and foreseeable yet unforeseen circumstances.  As recognized industry leaders, Bourret is able to provide our clients with litigation, mediation, and arbitration support.

Our clients trust us for:

  • Thorough process documentation

  • Independent analysis supported by an understanding of the value of the project as appraised

  • Subrogation assistance

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